A Simple Checklist for Marketing Your Community App

This simple checklist of 9 tasks will ensure that you have some marketing in place before and after your launch.



1. Announce your upcoming Community to your social media channels and blog.

2. Email or message friends and clients letting them know that you will soon have an app. 

3. Arrange a launch party (even if it’s small) - invite family, co-workers, and friends.

Tip: Make sure to include a little wiggle room between the launch date and your app being approved, to factor in any delays with the App Store.

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4. Invite at least 100 people into your Community by email, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, etc. 

5. Add links to your Community on your website and social media descriptions. 

6. Email news of your Community release to everyone on your mailing lists. 

7. Migrate social media followers to your Community using posts.

8. Introduce your Community in 5 or more relevant events, classes, online groups and forums.

9. After one month ask community members to invite their friends to the app.


These 9 tasks are our recommended minimum marketing actions to make your app launch a success.  Read our more detailed Marketing Guidance for many more ideas, tips, and useful links.