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Tips and steps for launching and marketing your community.

Launching and marketing your app

You’ve built a thing of beauty - the world cannot wait to see it! 

Don’t assume they’re going to find it themselves though. Marketing your app will ensure your community is aware that you’re out there. 

Here we’ll recommend some of the areas you’ll want to consider when marketing your app. 

App Visibility

Every platform you have is a great way to reach your audience, so make the most of them!


  • Set up an app dedicated page on your website detailing your app and what your audience can expect from your creation. 
  • Make sure this page is easily found on your website. Add an ‘app’ item to your website's menu. 
  • People are easily distracted on the internet (there’s a lot of cats doing very amusing things out there... Case in point), so make sure you make it easy to download your app with direct links to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


  • Add an app banner to your website.

Adding an app banner means that whenever someone visits your website on a mobile device, they’ll see a direct link to download your app appear at the top of their screen. 

You can find out more about adding an App Banner here: Smart App Banners
Or you could consider using a service such as Branch to set up banners for both Android & iOS - 

  • Don’t forget tracking

Imagine the excitement you get when you’re following a parcel online, watching as it gets nearer your address and closer to your welcoming arms… Tracking where your community is hearing about and downloading your app from is just as exciting, seriously. It’ll provide insight into what sources are driving the most downloads, what’s working, and what you can spend more time and resource on. We recommend creating download links for each source and making sure they’re ‘onelinks’, set up to detect the kind of device a user is using and send them to the correct store or website accordingly. You don’t want to send an iPhone user to the Play Store, do you?


You’ve spent time building up your socials, so make sure every one of your followers knows you’re launching an app! Each platform has different spaces that you can take advantage of to maximise visibility and grab those 👀.


  • Update your cover image with a beautiful app graphic - how about using a screengrab of your new app in action!? You might also want to refresh your cover image from time to time to promote goings on in the app… just a thought. 
  • Update your profile picture. It doesn’t have to be permanent, you can revert back to that carefully considered logo whenever you want... but everyone sees your profile picture so it’s a great place to highlight your app!
  • Created a great promotional video for your app? Why not drop it in your ‘About’ section. 


  • If you’re following on from advice in ‘Website’ then you’ll know that people are distracted by funny cats so make things simple - add a Call To Action (CTA) Button. 
  • To add a call to action to your page, simply follow these steps - Adding A Call To Action on Facebook.


  • Look at all that beautiful digital real estate above your fantastic tweets! Add a great header image promoting your app. 
  • Speaking of fantastic tweets, we’re sure you will have written one about your app. It’s probably worth pinning that to the top of your feed so that should people miss your banner image, they won’t miss your tweet!


  • It’s a phrase we’ve all come to know and love (well, perhaps not ‘love’) in the Instagram community - “Link in bio.” 
  • Drop a link in your bio and draw people’s attention to it with an Instagram-worthy picture. 
  • Don’t forget about Stories. 
  • Let your community know about your app with a content preview or out now video added to your Stories. 
  • Add a link to your Story to take advantage of Instagram’s “Swipe up” feature to drive your community to download the app.

Get creative! This is your app, your community, if anyone knows them and what they’ll respond to, it’s you! So appeal to your audience and give them no choice but to get your app!


  • Email is a powerful tool - you’re landing right into the inbox of someone who loves what you do. Be sure to let them know you’ve released an App with a clever subject line, a beautifully designed mailer and a direct link to download the app - make it simple!
  • Why not update your mailer so that future emails always have your app available to download. Add an app icon to your socials. 
  • Use your regular mailers as an opportunity to further promote your App by highlighting great content, user reviews, or exclusives not accessible anywhere else.

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