How to Refund an Apple Subscription

Refunds can occur for a range of reasons, but they're processed in specific ways. Read on to learn how to refund an Apple Subscription. 

Apple operate in a different manner to Google and Stripe when it comes to a member needing a payment refunded to them. 

With Apple and iOS, as a Host you are not able to see any individual subscription information about your members. This means that you also are not able to manually refund a members subscription. 

Refund Apple Article

When it comes to a member being granted a refund, the member has to head to Apples page, log in with their Apple ID and follow their steps to request a refund


Apple will decide as to if a subscription or payment will be refunded and then they will execute this, there isn't anything that you need to do or action for this. 


Important to Note:

If a member is looking to cancel their subscription, they may have to do this separately to requesting a refund for a purchase. Canceling a subscription is also done through Apple's iOS system