How To Create and Post To an Immersive Wall

An Immersive Wall is a carousel of full screen images and videos that members can swipe through. As well as visual assets, you can add a ‘swipe up’ link to take your members to a specific URL.

How To Create an Immersive Wall

To create an Immersive Wall, first you have to create a new group. Make sure to set it to Admins Only who can post:

Once you’ve set it to Admins Only, a drop down will appear asking you for your feed style. Select Immersive Feed: 

Once you’ve finished your group set up, hit Create!

Since only Admins can post to the Immersive Wall, you need to set yourself as Admin for the group. 

Go to the Member List, select the account you want to make Admin. From the account page, identify the Immersive Wall group, select the three dots, and click ‘Make group Admin’: 

This account can now post to the Immersive Wall!

How to Post to an Immersive Wall

In The Console, under the Posts section, select the Immersive Wall group. 

In the Text box, upload the image or video you want to post to the Immersive Wall.

If you want to add a swipe up link, select More in the bottom left hand corner: 

Selecting the Add link button will open two fields. One for the how the name of the button will appear in the Immersive Wall. The second, is a drop down for what you want the button to open. 

Once you’re done setting up your content, hit Post!


Repeat this process for each post to your Immersive Wall. 


Disciple Tips:

  • We recommend posting pictures in size: 1080x1920 pixels
  • Immersive Wall is only visible on mobile devices
  • The last picture that you post will be seen first on the Immersive Wall. Pay attention to this if you want your content viewed in a particular order. 
  • Be patient when uploading pictures and videos, they will need time to process.