What creative assets do I need to get started?

We guide you through the assets required to build your app.

We’d recommend spending some time on asset creation to ensure you’ve got everything you need to get your app looking its best from the get go. The following assets go towards creating your app.

App icon (2048 x 2048) - This is the icon that will appear on your phone so make sure it’s recognisable and works on a small scale. [Image type: PNG]

Launch screen (1242 x 2208) - This is your app’s loading page and will also appear behind the signup page and the welcome screen. [Image type: PNG]​

Background menu (1656 x 2944) - Use colour or a background image to personalise your left hand navigation menu. Be sure to consider how your menu items will appear over this image. [Image type: PNG - transparent]. Below are examples of a background using an image and a plain colour (white). ​


Header logo (2944 x 1656) - Neatly brand your app by including your logo at the top of the page, centred in all its glory. [Image type: PNG - transparent]

Main logo (1204 x 1204) - A square version of your logo. [Image type: PNG - transparent]

​Android notification icon (96 x 96) - Your opportunity to customise the notification icon that will appear on the left of the status bar on Android devices when a new notification is received. [Image type: PNG - transparent]

​If you don't have all of these assets available, don't worry! You can begin the process on the builder and save your progress along the way, returning once you've created all your beautiful assets (or roped in that creative friend who owed you a favour). 


You will need to choose few colours in your App.
They are: 

Background menu (if you're not using an image)

Action button colour (see example below for the colour of "Read Here" and "Create Post") 

Background colour (this is the border area behind the posts). Usually a white colour is often default choice here. 

​We will need HEX referrences for the colours of your choice.