What assets do I need for the App Store?

A guide on what creative assets you'll need for submission to the iOS App Store.

App Store Screenshots

Give your browsers a sneak peak of what to expect inside the app using screenshots of walls, media and other features.

You can either fill the app with content to easily take screenshots, or photoshop content into the screenshots. 

Spec: JPEG images, 1242 x 2208, maximum 10 screenshots, displaying iPhone 6-8 model. 

App Store Copy

A short description of your app to help engage your future community members and let them know about your app's key features.

The first 255 characters are immediately visible to users before they need to hit the "More" button. If you have information about pricing, this generally goes towards the end. 

App Store video / preview 

Offer users a preview to demonstrate the features, functionality and user interface of your app in a short video accessed directly from the App Store. This video will be available in all countries or regions that your app is pushed out to. This isn't mandatory, but nice to have.

Spec: Portrait video, 15-30 seconds, 1080 x 1920. More information can be found here

On-boarding video or image

Your on-boarding video is played automatically once the user downloads and opens the app before the sign up page. This is to give members a taster of what's content the app will have. 

Alternatively, you can upload an image with a brief introduction to the app. 

Spec: Portrait video, HD, 2-5MB. No longer than 30 seconds, 360 x 640.
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