How to setup monetisation (Web Subscriptions only)

We're here to help you make money from your online audience. If you have a Web only community this is how you can get started with monetisation.

Where to find the monetisation feature

Head to your Console and look for the "Monetise" page in the left hand menu:

Connecting with Stripe

To create a subscription you will need to connect with the payment provider Stripe, which Disciple uses to handle all monetary transactions.

Firstly, click "Connect with Stripe". You'll then see a page like this:

If you want to create a new Stripe account you will need to fill out this form. Otherwise use the "Sign in" button in the top right hand corner to connect an existing account.

Once you've connected a Stripe account you'll be redirected back to your Console and you'll see a screen like the following:

Set subscription plan details

The next step is to define how your subscription will appear to your members on the bank statement. Choose you "Subscription name" and "Subscription reference" like so:

Choose your currency and price

Available currencies on your Stripe account will be pulled through and you can decide which currency that your subscription will be in.

Note: currently you cannot edit your subscription currency and price once you've created it. Editing functionality will be available imminently.

It's advisable to choose a monthly and annual subscription:

Edit your subscription description

Now you have the opportunity to sell your subscription plan. This is the splash screen your members will see right after they've signed up to your community. 

Here's an example:

Make subscription active!

Once you're happy with the subscription plan details and subscription description then make your subscription active using the toggle in the top right hand corner!