Notifications - tips & tricks

How to get the most out of Push Notifications

One of the key features of the Disciple platform is being able to send direct notifications to your entire community, keeping them informed and engaged. 

It's important to remember that app users opt in or out of push notifications during their initial sign in. That's not to say they can't change their minds so be sure to give them a good reason to enable and keep pushes enabled. 


  • Think carefully about how often you send push notifications. One of the key drivers for people disabling push notifications is being bombarded with notifications. If you're posting three updates, consider only sending a push notification for the key content that day. Always be sure to think of it from a user's perspective. 


  • The best push notifications are short and to the point. 


  • Just because pushes should be short and sweet, doesn't mean you can't add some colour with emojis! In fact, a number of studies have shown that engagement with push notifications is higher when emojis are used... 🎉

Time Sensitivity

  • Create some urgency by using push notifications as a way to alert your community to something that's only available for a limited period, has a limited quantity, or requires immediate action. Make it fun and beneficial for your audience to have pushes enabled!

Custom vs Default

  • As part of the posting mechanic, a push notification will be automatically generated based on the type of content you're posting ie. if you're posting an image, the generic post will appear as 'Disciple just posted an image'. 
  • You can jazz this up to your hearts content by overwriting the default push with your own custom text. We'd recommend doing this to give your community a teasing insight into the post, luring them into that great content. 

Encourage Enabling Pushes

  • Don't be afraid to encourage your community to enable pushes and highlight some of the great things they might have missed. Why not include an update on how to re-enable pushes in your newsletter. 



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