Monetisation guidance.

How you can monetise your app.

If you choose to monetise your app, there are 4 ways to do this with the Disciple platform. This includes: 

  1. Subscription (Freemium or Premium)
  2. In-App Purchases (IAP)
  3. Price download 
  4. Sponsorship & Advertising 

1. Subscription

You can utilise the following: 

• Single subscription for the whole app (PREMIUM)

• Single subscription for the whole app with additional In-App Purchase opportunities of other sections 

• Single subscription for one/multiple sections and the remainder sections free (FREEMIUM)

All subscription based apps can offer a limited free trial of 7/ 30/ 90 days with member's payment details taken at the start of the free trial. This means at the end of the trial, if subscription is not cancelled, the payment will automatically renew. This is a standard model as seen by the likes of Spotify, Netflix and Amazon. However, you may decide to give members free trial without taking their payment details. This means that when the trial is over, the members will lose the access to the premium content in the app and will need to upgrade to a subscription to regain this access. 

2. In-App Purchase (IAP) 

• In-App Purchases of one/multiple sections (providing access in perpetuity), and the remainder sections free. 

• There can be various IAPs in one given app, unlocking a single or a group of digital files. 

3. Price download: 

• The app is not free to download with members paying an on-off price to access the app. 

Please note when choosing all app pricing, it must be selected out of the Apple Pricing Tiers – see full list here.

Note that all revenues coming from Subscription, IAPs or Price Downloads are subject to App Store 30% tax.

4. Sponsorship & Advertising. 

You may choose to partner with a brand to sponsor your community. You will be able to offer the following app placements: 

  1. Sponsored post. The post will be marked as sponsored to differentiate from standard posts. The post can have action button (for example Click Here, Find Out more) allowing members click on additional material hosted on separate url (for example, a web store). 
  2. Pre-roll video. You will be able to add a brand video to play before the video post. 
  3. Landing page - a portrait image displaying branded content to appear once members open the app.  
  4. Own feed. The brand can have their own feed within your app menu with the same functionality as the host feed.

If you have more questions about monetising your app please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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