Livestreaming tips & tricks.

Best practice and advice on getting the most out of livestreams.

Livestreaming is a fantastic way to engage with your community and let them know exactly what you're up to in real time - sharing those exciting behind the scenes moments!

Before launching into a livestream, we'd recommend familiarising yourself with the process and we'll share a few helpful tips to make sure your first livestream is a winner.

Preparing For a Livestream

Let's get the obvious considerations out the way first. 

  1. Wi-Fi / 4G: We'd recommend you have a strong connection established to ensure the best quality and no dropouts during your livestream. It's worth using a signal checker if you're unsure or have any doubts about the speed of your connection. 
  2. Keep the phone still: Ideally make sure your phone is set up in a stand or a gimble to ensure a smooth picture. If that's not your style, just try and keep your hands as steady as possible! 🙌


If you're not great on the spot, or you just want to make sure you get across everything desired, it's worth considering planning your content for your livestream. 

Share those exciting announcements, competitions, behind the scenes or whatever it is that your community laps up and loves you for but think of the livestream from your audience's point of view. 

You get a push notification, you jump into the app, and the livestream is in an unsteady hand and lasts 5 seconds... Hardly inspiring content. 

We recommend livestreams last at least 60 seconds and form a regular part of your content plan. While they can be spontaneous, livestreams announced in advance will allow your community to plan ahead and make sure they're available.


Did you know you can change your livestream holding message in the CMS? Add in custom text to let your community know when you'll next be livestreaming.





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