How to submit feature suggestions

Hosts using the Disciple platform are incredibly passionate and give us the unique opportunity to hear direct customer feedback to make a world-class product. 

Here's how you can send us your suggestions for new and improved product features.


1. Click the profile icon in the top-right corner of the Console and select Feature suggestion



2. You can then choose which product you'd like to make a suggestion about – either your Member-facing community or the Console.



3. You'll then see the feature suggestion page where you can read other Hosts' suggestions or click Make a suggestion to create one of your own.


By default you’ll see a trending list of suggestions which you can click on to read in full. You can also upvote suggestions to show your approval (or downvote to show your disapproval) for a certain idea. Some suggestions have statuses like 'Working on' or 'Completed' which signal those features we're currently exploring or making a reality. The tab to the left of 'Trending' also shows a timeline of status changes on feature suggestions.


4. To make a new suggestion click Make a suggestion and fill in the form.


It’s important to take your time over this form since the aim is to advertise your suggestion to fellow Hosts so they upvote yours, as well as to communicate clearly to the Disciple Product Team so we have the best chance of bringing your ideas to life. You can also attach files like screenshots that you think will help us understand your suggestion.

In rare cases some suggestions may be deleted if they don’t contain enough information.