How to Livestream.

Your guide to livestreaming straight from your phone.

If you haven't already, make sure you read Livestreaming Tips & Tricks for best practice.

So let's begin with walking you through the process of Going Live from your phone!

Opening the app from your host account will present you with two options - Post and Go Live. Alternatively, if you have Livestream as a menu item, you can also Go Live from there.

Going LIVE

Having clicked the Go Live button, you'll be taken to the livestream view. ​

​Tap the grey button to enter into Standby Mode. By proceeding to standby your community will receive a Push Notification alerting them to the fact that you're about to Go Live. Confirm you're ready with a big, affirmative 'Do It'!​

​Once in standby mode you'll be able to see the number of members waiting for the livestream to begin. Don't worry, they won't see anything until you decide you're ready to livestream.

We'd recommend you wait 60 seconds in standby to ensure fans have enough time to join the livestream. There's a neat little counter to help you keep track of how long you've been in standby should you lose count. 

​When you're happy the audience is waiting for you, click the red button to Go Live. You'll receive a final notification to ensure you're ready, click Begin Stream to start broadcasting. 

​During the stream you will see the number of your viewers at the top right corner. Members are able to send live comments in chat which you will see on your screen on the left hand side. It's great to show reaction to the comments or answer direct questions to keep the live stream a great experience for your app members. Note there is a 10-15 seconds latency delay on your broadcast. 

To finish the stream simply click the red button again to end the stream. If you are using iOS device, you'll receive a confirmation request to make sure you didn't just hit the button by accident. Click Yes to end the stream. On Android, to end stream press a Back button. 

​Upon finishing the stream you'll have the option to mark the video as one to add to your wall. By viewing the Livestreams section in the CMS, you'll be able to see which ones were flagged to be shared with the community and which ones weren't, and easily create a new post to feature the video for anyone who couldn't make the stream when it was live. 

​If you click Yes, the live stream will not be posted on the feed right away, but will be marked in the Disciple Hub as the one to be shared later. 

See example below with streams how this appears in the Disciple Hub: 

Even if you click No, the live stream will still be available via Disciple Hub if you change your mind and want to share this anyway. 

Another way to access Livestream records quickly is to allow your live streams to be saved onto the Camera roll. To do that, on iOS go to Settings / Find your App in the list of all apps / enable Save my live streams to Camera Roll. (see screenshot) 

​That's it! Enjoy live streaming! 




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