How to customise your community's navigation

At Disciple we know that making your community your own is extremely important to you and your community. We all want that unique place. The best way to make your community truly yours is to customise and create your own navigation menu.

Remember that the changes you publish here will be reflected on your live community and go live soon after, so make sure that you are happy with the choices you make.


To access the Navigation page you need to select Navigation from your left hand menu in the console.

Once you are on the navigation page you will see five tabs, Home, Messaging, Profile, Notifications and Menu. These tabs represent the navigation bar on your community app.

We will now break down these five tabs and what is possible with each one.

Home Tab

From the home tab you will be choosing the first page that your members will be landing onto. Whether that is a Folder set up, the Activity Feed or a single group.

To change your homepage simply select the drop down menu where you will see the options mentioned above. If you choose to set the homepage as a Folder or a group then a second drop down will appear. This will allow you to select a specific folder or group for your members to land on.

Messaging, Profile and Notifications

These tabs are designed to give you a breakdown of what these features have to offer within your community. Although not customisable at the moment they will be in the future.


The menu tab allows you to build the left hand menu in your community. With these tools you can build out and edit your menu whenever you wish. These changes can be published remotely directly to your community. Below we have broken down this tab into 2 sections, Add and edit.

Adding a menu item

To add a menu item you simply want to select the add menu item button


Once selected you will see a pop up with two fields, Type and Title.

Type: This refers to the menu item that you are adding to your menu. For example a folder.

Title: Title allows you to change how the menu item displays in your community. All items have a default name that you can override at anytime.


From the type field you are able to add either a group, a folder, Events, an external URL or support.

Only one Events and Support sections can exist in the menu. If an Event or Support section is already in the menu then it will not appear in the item dropdown.

Group: Group allows you to link to a single group that you have created within your community. 

Folder: Folder allows you to link to a single folder or folder section that you have created within your community.

Events: Events allows you to have an event page in your community where all the events created in the console will display.

External URL: External URL allows you to link out to a URL from the left hand navigation.

Support: Support allows you to add a predefined support/FAQ page created by Disciple to you left hand navigation.


Depending on the menu type that you have selected it will change the behaviour and determine the next steps from the pop up. By selecting Group, Folder or external URL you will receive a second field to complete.

Group: The second group field allows you to select the group that you want the menu item to link to.

Folder: The second folder field allows you to select the folder that you want the menu item to link to.

External URL: The second External URL field allows you to add the URL that you want the menu item to link to.

Once you are happy with the type selection that you have created you can select “Add” to add it to your menu.

Editing your menu

We know that once you have created your left hand menu that it will never be final. Changes will always want to be made. We have provided 3 simple editing tools on the menu tab, Edit, Move and Delete.

Edit: This button allows you to edit your menu item. From here you can change the folder or group that you have linked to, change your folder name or change the actual item type.

For example, If you have been using our provided support page but you have a fancy new custom page that you want to use. All you need to do is change the menu type from support to external URL and add the support URL.

Move: The move button allows you to drag and drop to change the position of the menu item on your left hand navigation. Any items can have their order change in any way that you wish.

Delete: The delete button allows you to permanently delete a menu item if you wish to. To stop any mistake being made with this button we do ask you to confirm that you want to delete the menu item once the delete button has been selected.