How do Polls work?

How do I create a poll and how does it work?

Polls are a great way to get your community engaging within the app. It gives you the opportunity to pose a question with between two and four answer options to understand the preferences and opinions of your members.

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To create a poll, simply go to write a post in the CMS and select ‘More’ to find the poll option. Pose your question and decide on the two to four answer options. You can decide the date and time this poll ends if it is something you want to pose for a limited time, or you can set it as a never ending poll. If you set an end time for the poll, then you can also control whether the results will stay hidden until the poll ends. It is also worth nothing poll results are anonymous - it's not possible to see how an individual user has voted.

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In the advanced settings of the post, you can choose whether members must vote in order to see results, or have result displayed despite the member not voting. Choosing to hide will encourage more members to vote, and they won’t be influenced by the results.

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