How do I link my Developer Account with Disciple?

You've set up Developer Accounts with Google and Apple, but now you need to link with us.

Linking your Apple Developer Account to ours

Now that you've set up your developer account with Apple it's time to link with Disciple, so that we can manage the release of your app into the App Store. To do this, log in to your Apple Developer account and select People on the left hand menu.

You'll then need to click on Invite People.

​Two options will appear, and the one you need to use is Invite as Admins, where you can type in our App Store release manager account​

​To complete the process of linking Disciple to your Apple account, you'll need to log into the appstore Connect ( and go to Users and Roles section.

​Click on the Plus button next to Users to add a user. 


First name: Disciple, Last name: App Store, email as above.

​On the next page, Select option "Admin" for Role. Make sure all the role fields are ticked as per the screenshot below, select your app from the drop down underneath, then click Next.

Linking your Google Play Developer account to ours

Start by logging into your Google Play Console. Then visit the left hand menu and toggle Developer Account, where Users & permissions will appear underneath. Click there and select Invite New User as shown below as a blue button.​

​Fill in the form using as the email, Access expiry date set to Never and the Role set as Admin. Make sure you type the email address in and not copy and paste it. 

Select your app from the drop down menu next to Permissions and ensure all the boxes under Access Level are ticked before pressing Send Invitation.