How can I monetise my app?

How you can make money from your app.

There are a number of ways in which you can monetise your app. We offer three models for monetisation:

  • Paid download - You set the fee and members will be required to pay to download your app
  • Subscription - You decide fees and subscription lengths (monthly, quarterly, yearly). The app can be free to download and you can offer a free trial to ensure members come in and look around before getting hooked on your awesome content!
  • In-App Purchase - Sell exclusive products via In-App Purchases. Members can pay directly within the app to unlock digital items like an e-book, a sticker pack, or an exclusive video. Multiple files can be bundled into one In-App Purchase. 
  • In addition to these purchase mechanics, the Disciple platform also allows opportunities for sponsorship. 

To find out more details for each option, check out Monetisation guidance here