Guide to Apple Submission

Step by step guide on how to submit the app to Apple Store for approval.

First of all you will need to log into App Store Connect and select your app on the App Store Connect home screen

Now you will begin to set up your app for a release

App Information

App Information is the first page to fill out and where you create the name that appears on the App Store and determine other factors such as category and language.

Required Fields:

Pricing and Availability  

The second section that needs completing is Pricing and Availability. In this section you will be determining the price of your app, purchase program and country availability of your app. 

Required Fields: 

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Volume Purchase Program 

Once these sections have been field in you can start to add the app store copy and screenshots that you have been working on. 

Prepare for submission

All the sections above can be filled in at any time without having an app uploaded to App Store Connect. The following section require your app to be uploaded and processed.

Required Fields: 

  • App Store Screenshots
  • Promotional Text (Optional but recommended)
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Support URL
  • Copyright
  • Address
  • Contact Information

Once these fields have been complete we can select your app for submission by clicking on “Select a build before you submit your app.” You will then get a pop up menu with your app and its release version and build number. Select your app and click done.

This now informs App Store Connect what app version you want to submit for review. This also allows App Store Connect to automatically fill in fields such as version and App Store Icon.

App Age Rating

All Apps require an age rating to be available on the Apple App Store and this can be completed once you app has been selected. On the left hand side of Prepare For Submission you will see Rating. By selecting edit you can then complete the App Rating questionnaire. Be mindful when completing this that you are answering correctly or your app will be rejected during the review process.

Apple Test Account

Your app will also require a user account for the member of the apple review team. This enables them to access and have full use of your app during the review process. This account can be created in your CMS where you can then add the details into App Store Connect. This is also where you include any review notes for app regarding things they need to know during the review process.

Once all of these fields have been completed you can now select Submit For Review

Encryption and Marketing Questionnaire

The last step of the App Store submission process is to complete the Encryption and Marketing questionnaire from Apple. In this Questionnaire you need to state the type of encryption and safety protocols that in in place and how your app uses advertising.


Apples review process normally takes around 48 hrs so please be patient and keep an eye out for any updates from Apple. 



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