Who Can Livestream?

Any of your members can Livestream. You just need to set their permissions up correctly from The Console.

Go to the Engage section of the Console, click on Member and select the member (or yourself!) who you want to give Livestreaming permissions to:   


Hit Edit: 


Toggle ON the ‘Can livestream’ option: 

Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 13.42.03

Press save!


Now, whenever the member goes to create a post on mobile, they will be able to see the Go Live! option. 


If you want the member to go live via RTMP on the web, you need to make them Group Admin of the group that the Livestream will be happening in. 


Head to the Member panel of the Grow section in the Console again, scroll down and click on the three dots next to the group you want the member to become an admin of. 


Happy Streaming 🎥!!