What is the new layout for Groups?

Find out about the updated design for Groups that make them more engaging, easier to use and help members clearly see which group they are browsing or posting in.

We often hear that Groups, particularly when viewed on a Desktop or Laptop, feel generic and not very engaging. So we’ve designed some improvements, focussed on the desktop design for Groups - to make the most of the extra space available and make them more beautiful on bigger screens.

We've also got some changes in there for mobile and app viewers. To begin with, these changes will just be visible to Desktop and Mobile web viewers, but we'll be bringing these changes to the native apps in the near future.

Here's the new layout

Summary of changes to Groups

The design introduces a number of changes to the layout of Groups:

  • A header module which can show off a new group header image, as well as the existing cover images you have for your groups
  • The header module will also show the Group type, number of members and depending on the group type let you join a group or see your membership status. You can also share the group to the community. These are not new features, but we’ve improved the layout
  • On mobile view, we’ve introduced tabs to make it easy to switch between the posts in a group and the member and group info

What do I need to do to take advantage of the new layout?

You’ll get the new layout on your community as soon as we release it for each platform.

But to take full advantage of it, you can upload a header image for each group in the Console and make each of your groups really standout. You can upload the same image for each group, but we recommend using distinct images to give give each group more of a sense of purpose and identity. 

  • Recommended size for a header image is 2400x600 pixels (width, height)
  • You can upload a smaller image in the same ratio (4:1) but if you use one too small it may look pixelated on bigger screens
  • If you don't upload a header image for a group, it will use a plain grey backdrop image, until you upload your own

To upload a header image, go to your Console > Groups > Edit and select Update Header