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Thinkific Integration

This is an introduction to our Thinkific Integration. No development needed as such, it's just configuration!

Thinkific is a hosted Learning Management System (LMS). It allows organisations to produce courses and publish them online. Their students can then log into the site, follow the courses, and Thinkific will track their progress.

We offer the ability to integrate a Disciple community with a Thinkific account using Thinkific’s Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality. When the community member opens the Thinkific content in their Disciple community’s folders, they will seamlessly be logged in. This also means that their progress is tracked through the course every time they reopen it in their Disciple community app.

Top Tip:
If they have an existing Thinkific login which matches the email used for
their Disciple account,this will be linked as well.

Since content hosted on Thinkific is behind a login, if you want to link to your Thinkific content in folders, you need to follow the steps below ⬇️.


To begin with, you will need a Thinkific Premier plan or a Thinkific Plus plan for this to work

Following that, you will need to supply us (the Help team or your Customer Success Manager) with your Thinkific API key.

You can find this by going to Settings ➙ Code & analytics ➙ API in your Thinkific account after logging in as an administrator.

Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 12.36.52

Auto Enroll

All Thinkific courses that have a link in the app should be auto-enrolled to pass through app reviews with Google and Apple.

As part of our Thinkific setup, we allow for new members to be auto-enrolled into the Thinkific courses when clicking a Thinkific link for the first time. To get these codes you need to get the course ID from the manage option of the course, the ID will be a number and can be found at the end of the URL.

It is important to note that if the member clicking the link does not currently have a subscription to your app, we will not be able to Auto enroll them onto the Thinkific course. We will log your member in if the email matches or create the user on Thinkific if Thinkific has never seen them before, but the Enroll will only work with a Subscription end date in place.

That's It! 🙌🏼 We'll do the rest and when it's all setup, you will be able to set the Thinkific URL’s in the normal way, just please make sure you select to make it an Authenticated link!


Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 12.40.11

So How do I Add the URL?

The URL is made up of two parts, the community URL and the Thinkific URL. For example: <https://<Disciple URL>..com/thinkific?course_url= <Thinkific course URL>.

To Find your Disciple Community URL:

  • If your app community URL was https://TestAPP1.disciplemedia.com then the URL would look like this: https://TestAPP1.disciplemedia.com/thinkific?course_url= followed by the URL of the Thinkific course URL.
  • If your app has a custom domain and was community.TESTAPP1.com for example, then my URL would be like this https://community.TestAPP1.com/thinkific?course_url= followed by the URL of the Thinkific course URL.


This example Thinkific course URL https://courses.TESTAPP1.com/manage/courses/998059 -  will give us the URL and course code we need. This is the page your members will land on, on Thinkific, when they click the link.


So What if you Have a Custom Domain for Thinkific?

Whatever is before the .com in the Thinkific URL needs to be used and the added to the URL parameter in the link.

https://train.testapp1/courses/998059 - This is your Thinkific URL.

Combine the Disciple Community URL with the Thinkific landing page URL you require, joined together by ‘/thinkific?course_url=’ and you will be set up.


⭐️ That's it! Any difficulties, contact your Customer Success Manager or the Help team. ⭐️