The Disciple Glossary

Because we work with our Disciple platform day in, day out, we often use words and phrases that have become second nature to us. But it can take some time for new Community hosts to get on top of everything.

Here’s a list of terms and phrases that will become second nature to you:



That’s you! You’re the leader of your Community. You’re its ‘host’. Your brand and content is what your Community members use your app for. 


An individual who joins your Community and is able to interact with your Community's features and content. 


This is your Community’s control centre – its backend if you will. Through your Console you can change different aspects of your Community, like cover images and other branding elements. It’s also where you manage members and view your Community’s analytics.


Groups are made up of members. Members can belong to several groups and you can set whether groups are public, private, mandatory or secret.

Group Dashboard:

A page showing all of the groups a member is part of. 


Each group has a feed. This is a stream of posts relevant to that group.

Activity Feed:

This is a chronological compilation of all posts from all groups members belong to.


This is the stuff you post to your Community. Your content can be text, images, videos, audio files, gifs or documents. Basically everything you would ever need to post.


Folders contain your content. You can create folders within folders within folders… for all of your fantastic content. One thing to remember is that folders can contain assets (like pictures) or sub-folders, but not a mixture.  


With these you can let your members know about events you’re holding or that might interest them.


This is a message that pops up to let Community members know that someone’s interacted with their post or that the host has posted something they’d specifically like you to see. 

Push Notification:

If you have a Community app, this is a notification that shows up on members’ phones, a bit like a text message. You can choose who to send push notifications to – for example to individual members or to members using a specific device type. 

In-App Purchase (IAP):

A digital purchase through the App Stores that gives members access to your app’s premium content.


This is a way for you to give members exclusive content when they subscribe. 

Call to Action (CTA): 

This is a button, link or asset you want members to click so that they can then do or access something else. 


A link that takes members from one area of your Community to another.

Immersive wall:

This is a swipeable full-screen collection of images. In your immersive wall posts you can deeplink directly to other areas in  your Community or to external web pages. 


Members can click a hashtag to see all the posts on that topic (as long as members post with the appropriate #hashtag).

Live Streaming:

Video broadcast to your members directly through your community app.

Friends & Messaging:

Members can connect with fellow members and send messages privately.


You might hear the phrase ‘native app’ used. This is an actual app that you can download from the app stores, rather than a website Community.