The 4 Pillars of Content Creation

Getting your content right is perhaps the biggest challenge for a Community leader. You'll learn through experience, but there are some things you can think about that will definitely help you.

Once you have members, your content is what will keep them interacting with your Community. You’ll be off to a flying start if you define the following points:


🎯 Aim

Think about what you’re hoping to gain from your content, the vibe you’re going for and the perception you want people to have when seeing your content.


✍️ Style and tone 

Are you trying to educate your members, talk about serious events, or is the space filled with fun and laughter? Consider how that will impact the way you write and the visuals that you share.


⏰ Frequency and when to post

You want to hit the times when you know your members are likely to be online. Is that first thing in the morning or just before bed? Or do you need to think about staggering content for multiple time zones? Consider which days work best, especially if you have an event you’re trying to promote.


🖼️ Types of content

Content can be made up of text, images, videos, podcasts...Consider what will work best for you and your Community to Crete the most engagement! 



Once you’ve figured out these points you’ll have a great foundation on which to start building your content.