Setting up referral links

You can offer a unique referral links to each one of your members to refer their friends to your community



Important: The referral link feature relies on two criteria for you to enable in your community:

  1. Your community needs to have the Web community enabled.
  2. Your community needs to be set as public and have new member registration enabled.

Why offer referral links to your members?

The best way to grow your community is through word of mouth.

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool a community can have. When community members are engaged within the community, it is natural for them to bring more people to it as they naturally wish to help it flourish and grow.

Offering your members a referral link helps you to identify the community evangelists, the ones spreading the good speech and bringing more people in.

You can use this data to reward the evangelists in many ways that are unique to your community (e.g. a post shout out, personal private message, coupon code, gift or even a free subscription).

Offering a unique referral link to your community members

A referral code associated to a member will help you identify which members in your community are the most influential. In other words: who's bringing the most new members and helping the growth of your community the most.

Referral codes associated with members cannot be disabled by you. They are unique to a member and cannot change or be updated over time.

In the Invite members page of the Console, you need to enable one (or both) of the two options located in the Get members to invite their friends section.

The first option is to add on the Activity feed of your members a prompt to invite their friends to your community. If you don't use the Activity Feed on your community, there is no reason to have this enabled.

The second option is to add at the bottom of the More menu (the last item on the navigation bar) a similar prompt.

Both options open a screen where your member can see the URL of the sign up page of your community which they can copy/share to their social accounts or messaging apps.

About the list of referral codes used by community members, on the Invite members page

Each referral link offered to your members is composed of a referral code. These referral codes can be found on the Invite members page.

The list can be filtered, searched for or even sorted.

To sort by number of sign ups, the host needs to click on the table header "sign ups", same goes for sorting by number of visits or creation date.

The filter helps you to filter the list to only show: all disabled referral codes, all enabled referral codes, and/or filter by name.

You can also quickly search by name, or username for the member the referral code is associated with.

Along with the above, you can look into the details of each referral code by clicking on the number of sign ups a referral code has generated to identify which members have signed up with the selected referral code.


  1. Can I use Referral codes if I don't have the Web app enabled?

    At this stage you aren’t able to use referral codes without the web app enabled. When someone clicks on the referral link they are taken to the sign up page of the Web community app.
  2. Can I use Referral codes if my community is private and set as "invitation only"?

    If your community is private and only accessible via "login only", in other words if you have disabled the sign up page; you cannot use this feature. Each code can only be used as a parameter of the URL of the sign up page. If signing up to your community is disabled, then no one will be able to visit the sign up page and therefore register.
  3. Why not send people to the Google PlayStore, or Apple App Store for people to download the mobiles apps directly?

    At present we don’t support this, but it's something we might be looking into for the future.

    All visitors are currently redirected to the Web community app. Why? The main reason is to be able to track signups and visits. Since we host the signup page, we know how many visitors and how many signups are generated on it. This is not a data we have access to with App Store and Play Store. On top of that, app stores aren't allowing us to pass parameters. Therefore, these signups wouldn't be linked to any referral code and you wouldn't see their performance on the Invite members page on the Console.

    Please note that on the sign up page, visitors on web can download the Mobile app from the store of their choice if they wish to. In that case, we won't be able to allocate that registration to the referral code used. However, if they sign up on the Web page, they'll be invited to download the Mobile app of their choice later on in their journey anyway.
  4. I have enabled Member referral codes, but I cannot see all referral codes for my members yet?

    This is normal. You will only see the referral codes from members that have requested one. If a member hasn't opened the screen where they can copy/share their unique referral code URL, you won't see their referral code in the Invite members page of the Console.