How to Notify Members About a Post

Sometimes there are Posts in your Community that are too good to miss. So why not notify your members of this Posts with a Push Notification.

A Community member can be notified about new Post(s) to a Group thanks to Push Notifications and/or In-App Notifications.

Learn more about the differences between Push and In-App Notifications here.

A Community member is notified about a new post on a group they are a member of when one of the following scenarios happens:

  1. A new Post is published in a Group with the default notification Group setting set to:
    1. Send Push Notification Only.
    2. Send In-app Notification Only.
    3. Send Push Notification + In-App Notification.
  2. The host has published a Post via the Console on behalf of a Group Admin member account and have set that specific Post to trigger a notification. Even if the default notification group setting is No Notification. Learn more about member permissions here.
  3. A community member they follow published a new Post.
  4. The host manually selects the member and uses the Notify button via the Console to send them a manual Push Notification and redirect them to a Post of their choice. Learn more about this here



Where can I find the default Notification Group setting?

  • You can find it when first setting up or editing a Group in the Console, under the toggle Show Advanced Settings. Learn more about this here

How can I assign the role of Group admin to a Community member?