How to Update your Mobile App

Updating your apps may sound daunting, but we're right here to help guide you through it all! 

The team is constantly working hard to create and release new features for you and your members to enjoy. Updating your apps is an easy way to excite your members and keep them engaged in the features of your app! 

This step-by-step guide will take you through the app update journey, however, if you prefer to follow a video of the process instead press play on the video below to watch a guided walkthrough Webinar we originally hosted on The Collective App


Please Note:

We have recently upgraded the look of our Console, which might mean that a few  things, including the app building process, look a little different in some of these videos. 

Don't worry though, the instructions are all correct and this article is up to date! 


Step 1: Let's get building! 🔨

The first thing we want to do is build the latest version of our app. So with that in mind, head to the Console and select Configure from the left hand panel. Then from there select App Updates

Building the latest iOS App:

The process to build and upload the latest version of your iOS App to your Apple developer account is as simple as clicking one button!

Scroll down to the Send to App Stores section of the page and click the Update button. You will notice that the button will change to Restart, don't worry though, this doesn't mean that it is not working! It just needs a bit of time. 

Pressing iOS Upload in Console GIF

Once the latest version of your iOS App has been built and uploaded, you will notice this section has changed. You may just need to refresh your web browser to see it! 

iOS App Built

Building the latest Android App:

Towards the top of the App Updates page, you will see an Android section with a button that says Build next to it. Pressing this button, initiates the process of building the latest version of your Android App. 

Pressing Build in Console Android GIF

As this employs a different system to what the iOS App uses, you will receive an e-mail to let you know that the building process has completed. 

Building a new App version generally takes around 15-20 minutes, so refresh the page after that time has passed to see if the process is complete!


Step 2: It's good to have a sneak preview 👀

It's always a good idea to give your handiwork a once over before showing it off to everyone else. This is especially important if you are planning on updating your App Branding. 

Why not take a look at this article on How to Test your App Before it is Live to learn how to do this. 

💡 Don't forget to delete any previous preview builds you have on your phone first 💡


Step 3: Updating your iOS app 📱

Your first step here, is to check the 'Agreements' section of your App Store Connect developer account. Every so often, Apple will release a new set of terms for you to review before you are able to update your app.

Next let's head over to our wonderful Webinar to take a look at how to update the iOS app ⬇️.    


Step 4: Updating your Android app 📱

To begin the process of updating your Android app, you first have to download the update APK. Once again, head to App Updates in the Configure section of the Console, but this time scroll down a little further than before until you reach the 'Send to app stores' section. It's there that you'll see this waiting for you:

Download Anndroid Build

You'll be uploading this downloaded APK to your Google Developer account, so once you're ready, let's re-visit our Webinar and check out how to update our Android apps ⬇️.

That's it 🎉

We're certain you have now been able to update your apps to the latest versions. But just incase you get stuck, don't forget you can reach out to your friendly neighbourhood Customer Success Manager!