How to manage your Soft Paywall

Learn how to manage your soft paywall and create premium Content for you subscribers.

If you have set up a soft paywall then you will need to choose what Content you want included in your subscription. This can be done through the Console where you have the option to make Folders, Assets, Groups, post and Event links Premium. These can be edited at any time in the console, so you can change your subscription offering at any time.

Premium Folder

You can make a folder premium in two ways

  • When creating a new Folder
  • Editing an existing folder

When creating a new folder you can turn on the option “Only subscribers can view this folder” to make it Premium in your community. 

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 14.47.30
When editing an existing folder you need to select “Edit”, where you will see the option “Only subscribers can view this folder”. Turn this option to On to make it premium in your community.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 14.55.53

Premium Assets

As well as premium folders you can also make the content inside a folder premium. This allows you to make Videos, images, Articles and Links all premium. 

Whether you are making a Video or an Article premium, the process is exactly the same. To make a piece of content premium you need to select the three dots and select Edit from the menu. From here you will see the option “Only subscribers can view this asset” what you will want to Turn on. Once turned on this will make the piece of content premium in your community. 

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 15.06.16
Premium Groups

In the console you can choose to make a group Premium by either adding a new group or by editing an existing Mandatory Group. Please note that only Mandatory groups can be edited and made premium once they have been created. Although Premium groups can not actually trigger a Paywall at this current time, they can be included as a part of the subscription. 

To make a group Premium you need to turn on the Premium Group option when you are either creating or editing a mandatory group. This option can be found under the list of group options on the group management page.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 16.26.51
Premium Post

A great way to highlight your subscription is through the use of premium posts in your community. A post can be made Premium either through the console or on the community itself.  

To make a post premium in the console you will need to select the advanced settings (cog icon) on the post screen, where you will see the option “Only subscribers can see this post”. By turning this on you will create a premium post in the community that can only be viewed if the subscription has been purchased.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 16.32.15You can also create a Premium post on a native community by selecting advanced settings (cog icon) on the Posting screen and turning on “Subscriber only” in the same way as the console.


Premium Event Links

Premium Event links are a really good way to create exclusive events, purely for your Subscribers. By creating an event link, only subscribers will be able to see and use a link for an external or internal page. This link could be a link to a ticketed event, or more relevant to current times, an exclusive Zoom event. 

To create a Premium event link you will need to start by creating a new event on the console. To find out how to create an event please read our guide on creating events. Once you are creating your event you will need to select “Add Button” at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 16.48.42

You will see a pop with multiple options to create and add your link. To make this link Premium you need to to select the option “Premium members only”. Doing this will stop any non subscribing members to interact and view this link on the event.

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 16.54.45

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