How to create and edit badges

Find out how to create and edit badges in your community

Before you start creating Badges, it’s worth having a read of these articles:

Getting started

To start creating badges or edit ones you've already made, login to the Console and go to the Profile & Badges section. Here you’ll see the three default system badges that are already given to members if they are a new member, or the admin of one of your groups

Creating a badge

To start creating your own badges, click the Add new badge button

Now you can populate the key info for your badge - Name, Description and Icon - as well as see a quick preview of how it will look with your community colours applied.


  • You can create up to 20 badges in your community (23 if you include the system badges)
  • Badge name is optional as long as you also include an Icon, and is limited to 20 alphanumeric characters
  • Badge description is mandatory, and has a limit of 150 characters
  • Badge icon is optional as long as you include a name, and you can pick from over 400 pre-designed icons
  • You can edit a badge at any time and it will update for anyone you’ve already given it to

    Once you’re happy with your badge, you can save it. Then you can go ahead and create other badges. 

    Setting badge priority order

    You can also change the order badges are shown on members posts or profile pages. This is managed by using the arrow icon on each badge to drag and drop each badge into the order you want.

    Publishing badge changes

    You might have a number of changes or tweaks to make across your badges that you want to go live all at once - so we've separated the process of creating or editing a badge, and publishing those changes. 

    You can create, edit and reorder any of your badges, and once done you just need to click the Publish button at the bottom of your list of badges. This will push all the badge changes live in your community at once. If you make changes on the badges screen and leave the page without publishing them, your changes will be lost.

    Editing a badge after it has been created does not send a notification to a member that already has that badge.