Creating an Immersive Wall

An Immersive Wall is a carousel of full screen images and videos that members can swipe through. It can serve as a lovely introduction to your mobile Community.

Immersive Wall GIF

An Immersive Wall lives as a Group. You can only have one per community and it only works for the mobile app. 

Creating the Immersive Wall Group:

Head to the Console, select Content , click on Groups and select Create Groups.

Add a Group Thumbnail and a Group Name as they'll be seen by your members, but there won't be a need to add a Group Cover image or a Description as they won't show. 

Then make the Group type as Mandatory - so everyone sees it. 

Immersive Wall 1

Click on Show Advanced Settings and de-select everything. 

Finally, change the posting permissions to Admins only, and then subsequently change the Feed Style to Immersive. Then click Create Post! 

(You'll need to set yourself as a Group Admin to make posts to this group - learn more about this here)

Posting to an Immersive Wall:

The first thing to note here is that the first post you make to the group, will appear last in your immersive wall. Think of it like adding layers to a cake. 


Images and Videos are what the immersive wall is designed for. With that in mind, sizes of 1080x1920 pixels will be what works best (learn more about this here). 


Ok ok, enough "guidelines", let's get started! 

Head to the Console, select Engage and select Posts and click on Create Post

(Learn more about creating posts here)

Immersive Wall 2

We would recommend only adding one image or video per post, so that if you ever need to edit it, it'll make your life easier. 


You can also add a button that links to another area of your community. For example, you can link to an Event that you have created so that the member can RSVP there and then! 

Immersive Wall 3


And that's it, we're sure your members will love your creativity!