How to award badges to members

Understand how to give badges to your members, and what happens when you do.

Once you’ve understood How Badges work, you’ve Planned Badges and finished Creating Badges you’re ready to start awarding them to members of your community.

Who gets your badges will depend on what you planned to use them for, but there’s two easy ways to award them

Visit a members profile page in the Console

If you’re reviewing a members details in the Console and think they are a good candidate for one or more of your badges, then it’s really simple to award them. 

  1. Go to the badges section on their console profile
  2. Select the badge you want to give them from the drop down list
  3. Click confirm
  4. Either add another badge, or hit publish to send them a notification about it!

Select one or more members from the Member List

If there’s a group of members you want to give a badge to, you can do that in bulk from the Member List in the Console

  1. If needed, Search to find the members you want
  2. Select the members you want to give a badge to by clicking on their Profile picture in the member list
  3. Open the menu using the 3 dots button in the top right corner
  4.  Select the ‘Add a badge’ option in the menu

Pick the badge you want to give these members, and hit Add to confirm the action

Once you press Add, each member you had selected will be given the badge, and get a notification to let them know. If they open the notification, it will take them to their member profile in your community, showing the badge you gave them.

Removing badges from a member

It’s probably not a good idea to take badges away from members very often, but if you do make a mistake or need to change things, there’s two ways to remove a badge from members.

  1. Open their member profile in the console, find the badge you need to remove and hit the remove icon. 
    • This will remove the badge from that individual member and it will no longer show on their posts or their public profile. 
    • No notification is sent about the removal - but depending on the circumstances you might want to message the member to let them know about the change
  2. In some circumstances, you might need to completely remove a badge from all members who have it. The only way to do this is to remove the badge altogether. Go to the Profile & Badges section of the console and find the badge you want to remove
    • Click the remove icon next to the badge and this will completely remove the badge from your community
    • It will no longer show on the profiles or posts of members who had the badge
    • No notification is sent to a member when a badge they have is removed or deleted
There is no way to reverse this action (apart from recreating the badge and assigning it again) - so use this option with caution!