How Often Will I Receive Payments?

You've monetised your Community and now you want to know when you'll be paid. 

Apple, Google and Stripe all use different payment schedules for payouts, whilst it's not something we have any influence over, we can try and make it simple to understand. 



Apple payouts are made within 45 days of the last day of the month in which app purchases are made. 

So for example, if an in-app payment is made on the 30th of May, you can expect a payout from Apple before the 15th of July. 



Google payouts arrive on the 15th of each month and they pay out for the previous months sales. 

So for example, in an in-app payment is made between the 1st -30th of May, then you can expect a payout around the 15th of June. 



Stripe on the other hand, offer a customisable payout schedule. So rather than re-write their words, we think it best for you to click the link below and check out their own explanation: