How has the Console Navigation Changed?

We have updated the Console to make it easier to find the features and functions you’re looking for.

What’s changed?

You will have seen a significant change to the Disciple Console that's been rolled out. We’ve redesigned the title bar and navigation - the menu system on the top and left of the console. 

The new navigation segments the various pages in the Console down into sections, to make it easier to get to the functions you need quickly. No more scrolling up and down the list, less clutter and more time for you to do the things you need to build an awesome community! 

Now, you'll find all the pages you're used to seeing in the left hand menu in one of the following sections:

  • Home
  • Content
  • Engage
  • Grow
  • Convert
  • Configure
  • Three dots menu (top right)

Here’s a video that explains the change in more detail, icluding what is in each of those sections:

Why did we do this?

There are a lot of features packed into the Console. There are nearly 50 different pages or links in the existing structure and navigation system, and finding your way around them can be a challenge. We wanted to simplify this and make it easier to get to the functionality you need quickly and easily. 

This change also gives us room to add new pages, or restructure existing pages to make them easier to use in future - without making things even more complicated.