How do I handle reports of posts or members in the Moderation page?

Find out how to use the Moderation section of the console to review and take action on reported items.

The Moderation section of the Console is where reports about posts or members get sent. You can use the list of reports to monitor member activity that may need you to take some moderation action.

When something is reported more than once, the Moderation page groups reports together. So using the sorting options you can quickly focus on things causing the most reports, or you can work through things in the order they were reported.

How it works

Here’s some more info on each part of the list, and how it works

  • Status - each item in the Moderation section can have a status of either open or closed. This status applies to all the reports in the group and by default you’ll only see open report groups, but you can change this using the filters in the top right. You can also reopen closed items if needed from the Closed filter.
  • Type - tells you if the item reported is a Post, Comment, or Member and lets you click through to see the item. For posts and comments, a quick look at the content may be enough to decide if you need to moderate, but a member report may need a bit more investigation through their profile and contributions as well as the report reasons given
  • Offender - the username of the member who has been reported, or posted the reported content. You can click this to go to their profile for further investigation if needed
  • Reason - shows the explanation given by the person that made the report. If there’s more than one report, hover over to see any other reasons given
  • No - the number of reports made about this member or piece of content. A higher number may indicate it’s a particularly objectionable item - but also might just mean it’s been seen by more people - maybe it’s a post in a popular group for instance
  • First reported - when the item was first reported. You can sort the list by this so you can handle the oldest or newest reports first depending on your priority
  • Actions - three moderation actions are available directly in this section
    • Shadowban - this hides all content from the reported member until you remove the shadowban. Useful for members who may be posting a lot of objectionable content that you want to hide quickly, and sort through to unpublish as needed
    • Unpublish - only available for Posts and Comments, this unpublishes the reported content but leaves all other posts by that member visible
    • Close - this marks the reports about this item as closed. You should do this once you’re happy you’ve taken any action needed on a report group. 

Marking reports as closed

The Moderation queue gives you visibility of reported items in your community and lets you take some quick actions - but it’s up to you what action is ultimately required in each case. If you use one of the action buttons (unpublish or shadowban) in the queue, it will close the report, but you can still see the details by using the closed filter. If you take a different action or decide to do nothing, you can simply close the report with the close button. 

If someone reports the same member or piece of content you’ve already closed a report for, you will see this in the ‘Open’ list again, so you can decide any further actions required, or close it again. 

The action you take on any report will depend on your judgement, your community guidelines and rules and the member history. For instance, there are a variety of actions you might want to take or combine in different situations:

  • Do nothing - if the report isn’t justified or the post isn’t against your guidelines you may want to take no action and simply close the report
  • Warn the reporter - if a member makes a lot of unjustified reports, you may even want to message them about that
  • Warn the reported member - if you feel the report is justified, you may want to message the reported member and let them know they breached the guidelines and rules
  • Unpublish the content - removing content that is against your community guidelines and rules will help keep your community healthy and friendly
  • Shadowban the reported member - you can do this temporarily or permanently 
  • Disable the reported member - again this could be a temporary or permanent action