How do I Migrate my Existing Community?

You may have a pretty well established following, whether it’s on a blog, Facebook or somewhere else. And you want your existing followers to join you in your new community, right?

Here’s the thing: your community can't move with you if they don't know where to go. So here are some tips on how to market your community and bring your members across:

From a website

  • If you have a website, create a new landing page announcing your new community.  Tell them about your new community space and what your members will get when they join.
  • Build excitement by teasing them with the exclusive content and interactive experiences that are waiting for them in your new community.
  • For the tech savvy, you could also add a banner to your website announcing your community. You can set these up easily with services like

From social media

  • Update your cover image with a beautiful screenshot from your new community, and add a temporary profile picture that highlights your new community.
  • Pin a post to the top of your social pages announcing your new community space and linking people right to it.
  • Add a download link to your social media bios and tell people it's there. On Facebook you can add a download button to your page.
  • Boost your posts on Facebook and Instagram to reach more people with your announcements.

A tool we love:

Hootsuite – through Hootsuite you can schedule and monitor all of your social media activity. You can set up multiple streams based on things like keywords and specific profiles to keep up to date with what people are talking about. 

Through a mailing list

  • Email your mailing list telling them that you're launching your amazing new community! 
  • Make it snappy but also make sure you communicate all the fantastic benefits of joining your new community app.
  • Include a link or button to download and join your new community app to get them clicking.
  • Make sure to follow up a couple of times – people can easily miss one email. Try sending your emails at different times of the day to maximise your audience.

A tool we love:

MailChimp – you can use MailChimp as a simple way to email your community database. Again, it’s really easy to use and we’ve even set up an integration with MailChimp so that you can use it seamlessly with your community.