How do badges work?

Find out how badges work and understand how they will look.

We've kept badges as simple as possible so that you can start using them easily and without having to waste any time on designing icons or graphics.

You can create up to 20 badges in your community, but there's no limit to the number of members you can give a badge to. 

Where badges appear

Badges are visible in your community, both for members who get a badge and those who don't. That way, if a member receives a badge, they can feel special, and it will incentivize other members to want to get one!

Badges inherit some of the colours you set for your community branding, so they'll fit right in with no fuss. 

Only hosts can create or give members a badge, and the host decides which badges show up most prominently. Once you've given a member a badge, it will be visible in three places:

  1. If a member has any badges, any post or comment they make will show up to 3 badges.

  2. All badges a member has will show up on their profile page in your community. Selecting a badge will show the badge description as well.
  3. Members get a notification when they are given a badge. If they open the notification, it will take them to their profile page, showing the badge and the description.

The three elements of a badge

A badge can consist of three elements.

Badge name

Badge name is where to start; set a short name for a badge to help members quickly get an understanding of what the badge is, or why a member has it. It's a good opportunity to be creative and have some fun. If you set a name, it will be visible to everyone in your community when they are looking at a member who has that badge.

Good to know:

  • Name is optional (but you have to set either a name, or an icon)
  • Alphanumeric characters only
  • Limited to 20 characters
  • If set, Badge name is visible wherever a badge is shown

Badge icon

You can pick from over 400 pre-designed icons to give that extra bit of sparkle to your badges on top of the name. Or go minimal and use badges just with icons to keep a bit of intrigue so users have to explore member profiles to find out exactly what a badge is for.

Good to know:

  • Icon is optional (but you have to set either an icon, or a name)
  • You can pick from the majority of the 400+ icons here

    Badge description

    Badge description is really important to give your members the lowdown on what a badge is actually for, that's why we've made it mandatory. Badges are visible on member posts and their profiles, so you want to give a good description so everyone understands why they have (or haven't) got this badge. 

    Good to know:

    • Description is mandatory for every badge
    • Limited to 150 characters

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