Highlighting Group Admins in Your Community

A Group Admin is someone you have deemed as trustworthy and helpful to the rest of your Community. Your members will benefit a lot from being able to identify who is (and isn't) a Group Admin. 

If you haven't set up your Group Admins just yet, then this article here is the perfect starting place for you - check it out!


There three main main ways we highlight if a member is a Group Admin or not, these are designed to be obvious to your members, but not intrusive to their overall experience. 


Highlighting Admins in the Group Itself:

In each specific Group, a member will be able to see who their Group Admins are. This allows them to easily connect with them without having to go on a large search. 

For iOS and Android Apps, tapping the 'i' button at the top of the Group, will show the member a list of the Group Admins. 

Whereas, for those who use your Web platform, these Group admins are highlighted on the same page because there's a lot more space to utilise. 

Group Admin 1-1

Highlighting a Group Admins Posts and Comments:

Whenever you have given a member the role of Group Admin, they will receive a handy badge on their profile. 

(Learn more about our Badges system here!)


This is incredibly useful as the badge will show alongside their username on evert Post and Comment they make. 

Group Admin 2-1

An excellent way for members to easily identify a reliable source for Community information! 

Group Admin 3

Your Group Admins are an integral part of creating a healthy, thriving and happy Community. We're sure you're going to love working with them!