4 Steps to Get your Google Developer Account

It doesn't need to be daunting! Follow these simple steps to set up your Google developer account:

What is a Google developer account and why do I need one? 

  • Did you know that the Google PlayStore dominates the mobile market with 900 million Android users? Well, they also have some pretty epic analytics too.
  • Time: It takes around 3 minutes to go through the application process and your account should be ready in 1-7 working days
  • Charge: Google will ask you to pay $25 for your Google Developer Account

Follow these few, simple steps and you'll have your Google Developer account in no time:

Step 1

Visit this page and enter your Google/Gmail credentials.

(If you don't have a basic Google/Gmail Account you can create one here )

Step 2 

Accept Google’s developer agreement.

Step 3

Enter your credit card information and click ‘Buy’. Simple isn’t it? 

Step 4

When Google approves your account (which can take between 1-7 working days), you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the steps in the email to finish the setup. 

Have your Apple and Google accounts already?

You'll need to link Disciple to these accounts. so that we can start building your Mobile App. Then link these accounts to Disciple, so you can get access to the Disciple platform. 



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