Data 101.

Understanding your data.

Data - it’s a little word with big implications. But there’s no point in having the data if you can’t understand it. Welcome to Data 101 - Understanding Your Data.

One of the main benefits of the Disciple platform is the access you receive to an extensive data analytics system to help you track app performance and gain valuable audience insights. We believe understanding your audience is key to any successful marketing and content strategy. 

In this article we’ll highlight Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in four areas and the metrics you’ll want to monitor and analyse in order to accurately set and hit your KPIs. 


  • Member acquisition & conversion
  • Member retention
  • Member engagement
  • Revenue

Member Acquisition & Conversion

App Downloads 

  • The key metric and the obvious starting point. Are people downloading your app? From download, how many people are registering or signing up?
  • App downloads will be driven by external sources such as your website, socials and email database, and other sources like advertising. 
  • Downloads can also be driven by indirect marketing, piggy-backing on other major announcements leading to app discovery.
  • If you’re looking to convert your existing audience into app members, be realistic about what it will take to encourage everyone across. Assuming you’ll transfer all of your Facebook audience or get 100% of your mailing list straight away is unlikely. Break it up and aim at achieving smaller goals on a monthly basis, ie. 10% of your mailing list within the first week. 


  • With a smooth onboarding process, designed to get members signed up and using your app as quickly as possible, you’ll hopefully be converting the majority of your app downloads into registered members - members who have provided their details to create an account. Don’t necessarily expect this number to be the same as app downloads though, it’s not unheard of for people to download an app and not complete the registration process. 
  • Members also have an option to ‘skip’ registration (Apple requirement) and enter the app as an anonymous member, however this provides the members with limited engagement, encouraging the anonymous guest to create an account for full functionality. 
  • You want to provide your audience with a compelling reason to register for your app and one key way of doing this early on is with a good onboarding video explaining the key features and what members can expect from the app.

Free Trialists & Subscribers

  • In apps with a subscription model, it’s important to measure and monitor the number of registered members, trialists, and subscribers. Be sure to look for conversion rates such as:
  • Percent of registered members to trialists (40-50% is considered good)
  • Percent of trialists to subscribers (60-80%)
  • Active members to subscribers (50%+)

Uninstalled Apps

  • Monitoring churn rates is as important as the monitoring growth. Typically the member is lost within the first 10 days of downloading the app. Anything below 50% churn is considered good retention.

Member Retention & Engagement


  • Retention shows the percent of members who have returned to the app after an initial download, registration, or set period of time. This indicates the app’s ‘stickiness’ - how well it keeps members coming back and engaging. Usually this is measured by:
  • 2 day retention
  • 7 day retention
  • 14 day retention
  • 1 month retention
  • 3 month retention
  • The most common drop-off period comes within the first 7 days so it’s important to make sure members are engaged and hooked within that initial time period. As the saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression!
  • 40-60% is a good benchmark for retention. Top apps usually achieve 80-90% retention. 

Member Engagement Metrics

Active Members

  • An active member is defined as a member who has opened the app at least once within a given time period. These are typically measured over 3 periods:
  • Monthly Active Users (MAUs) - The main, industry-standard metric for evaluating an app’s success. 
  • Weekly Active Users (WAUs)
  • Daily Active Users (DAUs) - Your most engaged members who are returning on a daily basis.

Livestream Views

  • Measuring your livestream numbers will help you determine optimal timing, length, and required promotion to get the best results and provide your audience with the content they want, at the time they want it. 

Revenue Metrics

Total App Revenue

  • Total revenue from Subscription and In-App Purchases. 
  • N.B. App stores will take 30% on all In-App sales (subscriptions/purchases) facilitated through your app. 

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

  • Total sales split by total number of registered members.
  • For example, if your app had 2,000 registered members and generated $1,000.00 then you’d have an ARPU of $0.50

Average Revenue Per Purchaser

  • Total sales split by number of purchasers. 
  • For example, if $1,000.00 of sales was generated by 100 members then the average revenue per purchaser would be $10.00

Glossary of Data Terms

ARPU - Average Revenue Per User

ARPPU - Average Revenue Per Paying User

Retention (Classic) - Classic Retention - Percent of new members who come back on a specific day

Retention (Rolling) - Rolling Retention - Percent of new members who return on or after a specific day

Active User - An active user is a member who has opened the app within a given time period.

MAUS - Monthly Active Users - Number of members who’ve used the app in a given month

WAUS - Weekly Active Users - Number of members who’ve used the app in a given week