Custom user profiles

Get to know your members as well as help them connect with each other on a deeper level by adding custom user profile fields to your app.

We understand that getting to know your members is important, that's why we have developed custom user profiles.

To add custom user profile fields on to your community, click on Advanced Settings on your Hub and then go to Manage -> Custom User Fields. 

These extended fields are completely decided by you and can be answered in one of five ways:

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 14.58.29

Short Text

Text answers up to a limit of 60 characters. Examples include: full name, occupation, music taste, country.

Long Text

Text answers up to a limit of 1000 characters. Examples include: a bio, relevant history.

Multiple choice

Choose a list of answers which members have to select one of. Examples include: hobbies, industry.


A Calendar view which members can select from. Examples include: birthday's.


Scroll list of numbers displayed which members can select from. Examples include: age.


As well as defining the fields and the way they're answered you can also decide whether they are:

1. Mandatory or optional.

2. Appear on initial sign up to the app.

3. Made public for other members to see, or private so only the host can see.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 16.19.26


If you decide to collect additional data about your users, you must consider the impact on the privacy policy for your app. It may need to be updated providing a reason and explanation behind each additional data point you will be collecting. Please contact you Community Success Manager if you are unsure.

When deciding on which data points to add to the user profiles, please be mindful of the sensitivity of the data you will be collecting. For example, things like race or religious beliefs are considered to be sensitive personal information and there are additional obligations around the collection of this data.

For UK customers please see additional guidance : ICO - Special Category Data



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