Changing the magazine view image.

Try out new magazine covers to give your users a unique experience every time they visit the app!

If you have a magazine page on your app, switch up your landing screen by changing the magazine view for your members. 

​To achieve this follow the steps below... 

  1. Click manage in the top nav
  2. Select settings in the drop down ​

​3. In the Image field input the Image ID of the asset you want (portrait is best, and the required size of 750 x 1134 pixels is even better!)​

Finding the image ID

  1. Click asset in the main nav
  2. Select all assets in the drop down
  3. Find the image you want and note down the Image ID in the 'ID' column 

​4. In put this image in the image field, click save settings and you're done! 



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