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Adding members on the hub.

Find out how to invite members, create new accounts and promote existing members.

How do I invite a member to the app?

Easy as pie. Log into your hub, visit manage then users and select invite users. 

Here, all you need to do is paste all the email addresses you'd like to invite, separated by commas. 

These members will then receive an email inviting them to the app. 

How do I give my members extra permissions?

Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand - so why not bring in a partner or two to help run your community?

To promote a member, search for their account on the hub and select edit.​

​Choose which permissions you'd like to set -

Can livestream - Limit the amount of people you give this permission to, as you don't want several people trying to livestream at the same time.

Can send push notifications - On the same tone, you don't want too many members able to send push notifications, as multiple notifications a day may be considered spam by some of your community.

Accepts friend requests - This just means the member is searchable, and open to building new friendships with other community members. 

Auto-friending - Auto-friending means that when others join, members with this enabled will automatically see others on their friends list with no searching involved.

Trusted reporter - With trusted reporting, a promoted member can promptly unpublish any post or comment simply by clicking report. This one is very handy, especially for moderating on the go.

Verified account - Gives the member a green tick, so your community knows the content coming from the account is legit.

Once you're happy with your promotions, make sure you save by scrolling to the bottem.

How do I make my member a group admin?

If you a member becomes a Group admin, they will be able to post on this Group feed. 

Visit the groups section under manage in your hub. 

Choose the group you'd like to add an admin to, and click view.​

​Next, click add admin

Finally, search for the member you'd like to add using their username or email and voila! ​


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