What are Groups?

Groups are a great way to foster connections and conversation in your community. With Groups you can segment your audience easily and effectively.


What are Groups?

Groups are a fundamental part of our community platforms. Through Groups, Hosts create segments of their community to: 

  • Give Members tailored, relevant and specific content
  • Give Members the spaces to post their own content, engage with others' content and to spark interactions with other Members. 


What types of Groups are there?

Traditional groups exist to connect people based on interests, but with visibility that optimises the experience for community leaders and members. To give Hosts flexibility with their Groups we offer four types – Mandatory, Public, Private and Secret.


Mandatory groups

These are groups that all members of the app will see and be automatically added to.


Public groups

These are groups that are visible to all, which members can decide whether or not to join based on their interests.


Private groups

These are groups that are visible to Members, but the content is hidden until admins approve their request to join.


Secret groups

These are groups which members don't know are within the app until they've been invited by admins.


Who can create Groups?

Hosts, Administrators and Managers can create and edit Groups. Check out our article on how to create groups to find out more. 


How many Groups can I create?

There's no limit to the number of Groups you can create. Yay!


Can I charge Members for access to specific Groups?

Not at the moment.


Can I livestream to a Group?

Yes! With our Livestreaming feature you can stream to a specific Group. When you start a livestream you can choose which Group you want to stream to. Then after you've finished your livestream you can choose which group you want to post the recording to. Find out more about our Livestreaming feature.


Now you know what they are it's time to create some Groups.


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