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The Quick Guide to Being a Great Community Manager

You’re busy promoting your app and growing your new community, but you still want to improve your community management skills. We’ve put together a concise list of what we feel are the best resources on community growth and management.

The 1 Book You Should Read

2 Podcasts You Should Listen To

2 Blogs You Should Follow

3 Articles You Should Read


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The 1 Book You Should Read

There are a few books on communities, our current favorite is: 

Get Together: How to build a community with your people

by Bailey Richardson, Kevin Huynh, and Kai Elmer Sotto

We love Get Together because it is a helpful clear, no-nonsense guide to creating communities, both online and off. It discusses how to cultivate your community using examples of live communities. 


From the preface

Nearly every challenge of building a community can be met by asking yourself, “How do I achieve this by working with my people, not doing it for them?” In other words, approach community-building as progressive acts of collaboration—doing more with others every step of the way.

The throughline of our book is this simple concept: “build with.” It lives in each of the recommendations we make as we take you through three stages of building a community: sparking the flame, stoking the fire, and passing the torch.

Remember: the community you crave won’t form without someone willing to take the first step. And, as is true when you build a fire, there’s an order of operations you can follow to cultivate communities that burn bright. We wrote this handbook to guide you on that journey. You can spark a community. Don’t sit back and wait for one to appear. You’re the difference.

You can buy it on Amazon:

US - Amazon

UK - Amazon

Aus - Amazon   


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2 Podcasts You Should Listen To

Community Signals 

A podcast covering all types of community and approaches through interviews. Some great episodes covering the interaction between communities, members, and businesses. 

Get Together 

Insightful interviews with community managers, learn from their experience and refine your skills. This is the podcast to accompany the above book.


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2 Blogs You Should Follow


Gather Community Consulting Blog

A great blog, covering all aspects of community management and growth, with topics like trustworthiness, commitment, and ease of joining. 

Disciple media blog

Our very own blog on all aspects of community, apps, and interaction with members. Check out the Ultimate Community series for more hints and tips.


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3 Articles You Should Read

The Community Commitment Curve - Carrie Melissa Jones

The commitment curve answers the question - how do I engage my community members? It’s a template for encouraging participation in your community and a chance to think about the journey that you want your members to take in your community. The blog post includes a worksheet for you to map out your own commitment curve

The 7P’s of Community — A Simple Framework for Building Belonging - David Spinks

This is an effective framework for defining and measuring your community. The framework encourages you to consider seven elements of your community


The 7P’s of Community

  1. People – who are your members?
  2. Purpose – why does the community exist?
  3. Place – where do members gather?
  4. Participation – what do members do?
  5. Policy – what are the values, guidelines, and rules?
  6. Promotion – how is the community discovered?
  7. Performance – how is success measured?

Lessons From The Man Who Managed Reddit’s Community Of Millions

A personal perspective on community management and the lessons learned from managing one of the internet’s most active online communities. A long read, full of insights and great examples on topics from managing troublesome users to being data-driven.


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