How can I get feedback from Members?

Your members are your most important asset. They are what makes your community a community. There are also some really interesting ways your members can give back to you.


Your community comes with a poll feature which allows you to ask for your members’ opinions without having to navigate away from the community. Polls are a fantastic way to gauge a quick reaction from your community and you can choose which group to send your polls to, as a way of segmenting your feedback. 

Pro tip: you can also pin a poll to the top of a group to make sure it gets seen. 


Sending a survey to your members is a great way to find out what they think about your community. Your members are already engaged enough to have joined your community, so they’re probably more than happy to fill in a quick survey. And it never hurts to throw in an incentive or two for good measure. Check out tools like Typeform and Google Forms for quick and easy surveys. 

Ask for feedback

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking your members for direct feedback on specific content or on your community more generally. Your members will be able to comment on your post with their feedback. And being open about wanting to hear honest feedback will help your members feel even more integrated with your community. 

Learn from your members

Just like you, your members probably have loads of hidden talents and wisdom they could impart to your community. Opening up the floor to your members to hold a learning session is a way for you to host insightful content for free!