What is a Folder?

Folders are a unique and innovative way to set up your app and web community on the Disciple platform. You can set up your folders in The Console, under Folders in the left hand side menu: 

Folders are a space for you to upload various content. This includes: 

  • Links to external sites that can be opened in-app
  • Media - photos, PDFs, videos, audios. 
  • Articles
  • Livestreams
  • Documents
  • Another folder!

This functionality means that you can get creative and store things such as podcasts, courses, books, resources, blog posts, promotions, link to your online shop, the possibilities are endless. 

Folders are set up in a hierarchy structure. You will automatically have 1 top level folder set up. Then you can start setting up sub folders for different types of content: 

There’s no limit to the amount of folders and subfolders you can have. 

Folders can also act as buttons, linking to different areas of your community.