What Are Groups?

A group is a space for members to post text, pictures, links, gifs etc. It’s a great way for members to connect and communicate. It’s also a great way for Hosts to offer tailored, relevant, and specific content.

You can segment different groups for different topics. You can also set rules as to who can view or be part of which group. Hosts, Admins, and Managers can set up and edit group permissions. 

Here is an example of a community with various groups:

As you can see, the web version shows a view of various groups such as the community feed, Disciple News, and Introduce yourself. The app version can mirror this view, however in this example it is displayed via folders which link to the groups (you can follow the article here to learn how to set this up). 

Group Types

To give Hosts flexibility with their Groups we offer four types – Mandatory, Public, Private and Secret.

Mandatory: Members are automatically added to this group upon sign up. They cannot leave. 

Public: This group is visible to all members, and they can choose whether they want to join. 

Private: Members will be able to see the group exists, but need to request to join and view the content. Member requests will go to the group admin. 

Secret: No one will be able to see this group, unless they are added to it by the Host. 

Disciple Tips: 

  • There is no limit on the number of groups you can set up, however we recommend starting with a small number to not make things complicated for your members, then adding more groups as the need arises.