Reporting a Post & Trusted Reporters

Any member in your community can Report a post. The report will go to the Moderation section of The Console for review. If a Trusted Reporter reports a post, that post will immediately be unpublished.

How to Report a Post

If a member comes across a post that they believe should be reported, then they can take action by clicking on the three dots at the top of the post, and selecting Report: 

This will open a pop up asking for the reason that the post is being reported: 

The response will go to the Moderation queue (more information on managing this queue, here). 

Setting up a Trusted Reporter

You can elicit the help of your members in moderating your community by making them ‘Trusted Reporters’. 

To do this, in The Console, under Member List, identify the member you want to make a Trusted Reporter, and click on their profile. Then click edit. Then toggle on the Trusted Reporter option: