Profile & Badges

Profiles will be set up according to what you define in the Profile and Badges section of the Console. The questions and information that you collect here, can be displayed in members’ profiles publicly, or limited just for your eyes.

To set up your members’ profiles, go to ‘Profile and Badges’ in the console: 

Let’s set up Profile fields first. 

These are the questions that are asked when a member first signs up to your community. You can add questions by selecting ‘Add profile field.’ This will expand to show the following: 

First off is ‘Field type’. This is defining the type of answers you want to collect. It opens a drop down menu for you to select the type of answers you want: 

Whatever you select here, will reflect in the ‘Preview’ field, so you can take a look at different types of question formats, and see the preview regarding how they will appear. 

Next, populate the Question field with your question. Set up a short title too. The short title is a snapshot of your question - something quick and easy that will be displayed in search filters and members profiles: 

Finally, you have the following toggles to set up:

Ask during sign up: Do you want to ask this question upon a member’s sign up?

Required: Does the member have to answer this question in order to proceed?

Public: Will the answer be displayed in the member’s profile for the community to see?

Display on member search results: The answer will be displayed when searching for other members. 

When you’re finished, hit confirm. Your new question will appear like this: 

You have the option to add more profile fields, rearrange the order that they’re displayed in, delete a field, or edit. When you’re finished, hit Publish!

Badges next!

Badges are icons that represent a title or role, and that you can assign to certain members. 

You will automatically have the following badges set up and cannot remove or edit them: 

Select Add a new badge to create a new badge!

First off, give the badge a name. This should be short, and snappy, and define what the badge represents in a few words. 

Then, use more words to describe the badge. 

Finally, use the drop down to select the icon. We have a variety of icons to choose from, so select the one that best represents your badge! You will get a preview of how the badge will look on the members’, so feel free to keep adjusting until you’re happy with the preview:

Once you’re done, hit Confirm:

When you’re happy with all the badges you’ve created, hit Publish. 

To Assign a Badge to a member. Go to your members list. Click on the icon of the members that you wish to assign the badge to. Do this by clicking on their profile picture - a tick will appear: 

On the right hand side of the page, select the three dots, which will open a drop down of options: 

Select Add a badge, which will trigger the following pop up: 

From the drop down menu, select the badge you want to assign, and hit Add: 

All done!