Posting to Groups

You’ve got a few Groups going and now you want to post to them. There are two ways you can do this. 1. Via the Console. 2. Via the community app. 3. Via the web platform.

Let’s explore each. 

Posting From The Console 

From the left hand side navigation, select ‘Posts’. 


This will open the Posts page where all of your groups are displayed under the header, ‘Select Group.’ Selecting a group will show you all the posts in that group, and give you the option to add a post. You will know which group is selected, as an orange line appears beneath it.

Type your post in the text box. Add in image or video by clicking on the greyed out, right hand side button ‘upload image/video.’ You can also select more, and choose from the following options: 

  • Add link button – you can add a link to an external URL or to another location within your community. 
  • Add poll – you can add a poll with up to four options.
  • Add GIF – here you can paste a URL from Giphy to add a GIF to your post. You can't post images or videos and GIFs in the same post

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can venture into the Advanced settings. A cog will appear under the text box, once you start typing: 

This will give you the following options: 

  • Show as a Sponsored post – if you switch this setting on the post will have a Sponsored banner to let your Members know that it's sponsored. 
  • Pin at the top of the feed for... – here you can choose how long you'd like this post to be pinned to the top of this Group for (you don't have to pin it if you don't want to). Pinning a post is a really useful way to give Group Members a constant reminder of a particular aspect of your community or a reminder about what the Group is for. 
  • Targeted devices – here you can choose whether you want this post to appear to only iOS or Android users of your app.

Once you've finished setting up your post, you can publish immediately, or schedule for a later date. If you click Schedule you'll see a calendar where you can choose your date. Click OK, then you can choose the time for your Post to go live: 

Posting From The App Community

Log into your app and select any of the groups. There will be a plus icon on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Select this plus icon, and you will be taken to the Post page. At the top of this screen, you can see which Group you’re posting to. 

If you want to change Groups, select the group name, and from here, you can select a different group to post to. 

Back in the post page, type your post. You can then add media to your post using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. From left to right you can:

Choose image(s) or a video from your camera roll

Search from a GIF library

Take a new image with your device's camera

Selecting the cog gives you the following options: 

You can choose whether or not to send your Members a push notification about this post. And you can choose whether or not your Members can share this post. Press Save when you've chosen your settings.

Once you’re done setting up your post, you can publish!

Posting via The Web Platform

Log into the web community and select the group you want to post to. 

You will see a ‘post’ box appear at the top of the page: 

You can jump between groups by clicking the group name in the text box: 

Type your desired post in the text box. You also have the option to add a GIF, a poll, an emoji, or upload a photo, from the buttons at the bottom of the text box. 

Once you’re done drafting your post, hit ‘Post’!

Disciple Tips: 

  • You can only schedule posts via The Console
  • Use hashtags in your posts to grow member engagement!
  • Pinning posts with a description of the group, or group rules is a great way for members to immediately gain insight and understanding of the group.