Posting Images and Videos to Groups

This article will cover how to post images and videos to your groups!

First off, from either The Console, or web/app community, go into the group that you want to post to. 

If you’re in your community, then in the text box, select the camera icon: 

If you’re in The Console, then in the text box, select the Upload image/video box: 

Selecting either of these options, will open the files on your computer to find and choose the appropriate image or video that you want to post. 

If you want to upload multiple assets, then highlight them, and select open.

The assets will then ‘upload’. The time this takes will depend on how big the image or video is:

Once uploaded, you can add text, a link, a poll, a gif, to the post, schedule it, or post it right away. 

Sizes and Dimensions:

For Images: We have some image dimensions we recommend to allow you to post large and small images onto the feed without it affecting the way images appear:

Posting a single portrait image: 720x960 pixels

Posting a single landscape image: 720x540 pixels

When you post multiple images, we place them into a letterbox-style template that crops them until you press and expand the image. 

Our recommendation when posting multiple images is to post images that have a 4:3 Aspect Ratio as these are displayed in full, with no letterboxing and look the best once posted.

For Videos: We limit video sizes to 1GB.

We currently support playback at 360p, 480p & 720p. 

You can upload a video at any resolution and in most formats – our system will then transcode it into HLS format in one of these sizes:


480x360 pixels

Max bitrate: 750 kb/s

Approx: 330mb/hour


858x480 pixels

Max bitrate: 1000 kb/s

Approx: 439mb/hour


1280x720 pixels

Max bitrate: 2500 kb/s

Approx: 1099mb/hour