Notifications are a great way to boost engagement, bring your members back to the app, notify them of upcoming events, live streams or important posts.

There are 2 ways to push notifications to members. 

The first is with a post. Once the post goes out to a specific group, you can notify all members of the group. To learn how to do this, please read this article. 

The second is to send a push notification to all or specific members of the community. To do this, go to your members list in the console. Select the members you want to push a notification to. To do this select their profile pictures, so that they’re ticked: 

From the right hand side, select ‘Notify’:

This will open the following pop up: 

Type the message that you want the notification to read. 

Then from the drop down, select which area of the app this notification will open when a member clicks on it. You can see from the Preview field how this notification will appear to your members: 

When you’re happy with the set up, select ‘Send’. This will immediately send the push notification to the selected members!